Pandemic Status

In the real-world, CitadelGeel and Geekz United are based in Toronto, Canada.

In The Before Times we ran all our events locally, from our twin home bases of The Hive e-Sports Bar, and Three Kingdoms Toronto. Sadly both are now permanently closed (although Three Kindoms main location in Markham is still open).

While we are 100% online-only for the duration of the pandemic situation, we do plan to return to IRL gaming when conditions allow. But don't worry, we plan to maintain our virtual game events too!

Return to In-Person Gaming

Before we can return to any real life events, we need to ensure that conditions are safe for players and organizers alike. As such we rely on the best Information available from Toronto Public Health.
Below is the monitoring dashboard that we use to guage the risks of any IRL events. As a general guideline, we're looking for green status accross the board for a perdiod of 2 weeks before we can even consider any in-person events.

(Mobile Version of the dashboard)