The following is a calendar of scheduled events from CitadelGeek and our partners. In addition we have unscheduled or irregular activities in our Discord server that may not be listed here. New events will always be announced on Discord before being added to the calendar.

Ongoing Events

These are our ongoing events, open to anyone! The sign-ups for these events are through Meetup.

Thursday AL

This is it, our flagship event and the thing that started this community! The adventures we're running are listed in the calendar above.

Bi-Weekly Board Games

Temporarily on Hiatus for retooling

Upcoming Events

Past Events

A Very D&D Holiday

It's just not the holidays without our annual helping of themed adventures!

in 2020 we expanded from one to two days of holiday adventures!

Critical Archaeology

Our first ever mini-convention! Over 200 players at over 40 tables in 4 days! We ran the legendary Hecatomb epic and, with our partners at, raised $6000 for charity!

Halloween in Hell!

The kickoff to Adventurers League Season 9 was on Halloween 2019 and saw the adventurers start down the road to Avernus, the first layer of hell!