No Anime (in the) North?

No Problem!

Welcome to No Anime (in the) North? No Problem!

A celebration of Japanese mythology and pop culture through the lens of Dungeons & Dragons

The NAN?NP! mascot by Lewis Siong.
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What IS NAN?NP! anyway?

Here in Toronto, Canada, where CitadelGeek HQ is, we have an annual anime and Janese culture convention called Anime North. It's one of the biggest anime cons in North America, and several years ago expanded to include D&D games (run by our great friends over at Unite the Factions). Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, the 2020 edition of Anime North was cancelled, and now the 2021 edition has been too!

But while we dearly miss seeing all our otaku friends in person, we thought: why not turn this unfortunate circumstance into a opportunity? The result is NAN?NP!, a loving tribute to our dearly missed con.

We'll spend the weekend when Anime North might have happened running anime and Japanese themed D&D games instead! We might not be able to go to Anime North in person until next, but that doesn't mean we can't get together and nerd-out!

As always, we're raising money for our charity partner, Jesse's Journey, working to end Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy!

Note that NAN?NP! is NOT associated with Anime North in any capacity. We're just fans like you!

Japanese Mythology Redux

Our own Lex Winter returns with her fan favourite adventure Lies and Shadows, AND it's upcoming sequel!

Inspired by Japanese Mythology, brought to life by the skills of Lex Winter and the magic of D&D, these games are both beautiful and fun.

These games are compatible with Adventurers League characters, although you will not receive AL rewards for playing.

Battle Royale... FIGHT!

CitadelGeek's Battle Royale returns, this time as a solo event! We've re-worked the schedule, re-tooled the competition, and re-loaded the prize chest!

Join our competition and face off against other adventurers for glory! For HONOUR! And for PRIZES!!!

Note that although we use Adventurers League character creation guidelines and some of the prizes are legal for use in Adventurers League, this event itself is NOT AL-Legal and you will not earn standard AL rewards for participating.

Anime & Tokusatsu D&D

We've curated a fantastic selection of D&D Adventurers League modules that are inspired by Japanese pop-culture touchstones.

  • Monster collecting card games? Check.

  • Kaiji? You bet!

  • An epic quest to find a magical sword? Of course!

More to come!

We've got even more stuff planned! Stay tuned here, or even better, on our Discord for the latest updates!


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